Do any of these statements describe your child?
  My child needs help in math.
  My child loves math and wants to learn more.
  My child doesn’t have a solid foundation of basic math skills.
  My child prefers to practice math on the computer instead of using a textbook.
  My child needs more math support at home.
  My child is very good at math and loves playing math games.
  My child needs help preparing for assessments.
If you answered yes, we have the solution!
Our Global Mathematics CD guides students step by step through the process of solving many mathematical problems, from solving a simple addition problem to finding the intercepts given a polynomial.

“Global Mathematics” is a comprehensive one disk mathematics CD-ROM that covers 8 LEVELS of mathematics and includes over 400 practice problems with detailed step by step solutions. Students are able to learn and review a broad spectrum of math skills ranging from Addition to Geometry.

Our math learning software is divided into 12 sections, each section includes over 50 subsections, to help students develop a strong understanding of mathematics. Each section serves as a complete instructional program and offers different levels of problems to support concepts taught in school.
“Global Mathematics” provides students around the world with
easy to follow lessons in the following areas:
Addition Subtraction Multiplication
Division Fraction Operations Fraction Conversions
Decimal Operations Word Problems Pre-Algebra
Algebra I Pre-Geometry Assessments
All of our math lessons are interactive, fun, and written to help students become independent,
Successful Learners!
“Global Mathematics” is the official math learning software program for the entire family. To order your copy today please click on the “Order Now” button below or contact us at 1-855-OUR-MATH (687-6284)
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